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Last Update: JULY 10, 2001

Recent Additions:

Our NEW Virtual Endoscopic Surgery Training (VEST) system VSOne is now available !
    Read more about it here ! Last Update: JULY 10, 2001

Virtual Endoscopic Surgery Trainer for Gynaecology
    Last Update: MAY 9, 2001

BMBF-Verbundprojekt HapticIO (in German)
    Last Update: DECEMBER 21, 2000

The KISMET software is available for Windows NT 4.0 platforms
    Last Update: DECEMBER 21, 2000

Updated KISMET V 6.0.3 User Manual in .pdf format for Download
    Last Update: AUG 07, 1998

KISMET News Letter Last Update: DEC 21, 2000

OpenGL based KISMET Version 6.0.3 for Download Last Update: JULY 22, 1999

Noninvasive Measurement of living Tissue Elastodynamics Parameters April 1999

Laparoscopic Surgery Trainer.

Surgery Trainer Picture Gallery.

KISMET Realtime Volume Rendering

Force Feedback / Haptic User Interfaces

Realtime Multibody Dynamics Simulation

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The KISMET (Kinematic Simulation, Monitoring and Off-Line Programming Environment for Telerobotics) software is under development at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe since 1986 as a 3D realtime simulation support tool for:

KISMET Applications

KISMET Features

KISMET Development Team

Scientific information and contact address:

Dr. Uwe G. Kühnapfel
Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH
Institut für Angewandte Informatik
Postfach 3640
D-76021 Karlsruhe

E-mail :
Voice : +49-(0)7247-82-2567
Fax : +49-(0)7247-82-5786

Licensing the KISMET-Software:

The KISMET-Software is commercially distributed and maintained by our partner companies :

Tele Robot Engineering
Wälischmiller GmbH
Klingleweg 8
D-88709 Meersburg
Voice :+49-(0)7532-4320-0
Fax :+49-(0)7532-4320-99
WWW : HWM Homepage
Select IT VEST Systems AG
Wilhelm-Herbst Str. 12
D-28359 Bremen
Voice :+49-(0)421-2011-332
Fax :+49-(0)421-2011-3832
WWW : VEST Systems Homepage

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