Real Time Calculation of Static Deflections

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Calculation of Static Deflections - Why?

Kinematics, dynamics and control of a robot have often been calculated on the condition that the components of the robots, especilaly the links, can be regarded as stiff. Most of the industrial robots fulfill the condition of rigidness due to heavyweight and stiff design.
But special robots or remote handling devices such as the EDITH -boom with an arm length of 10 meters and a weight up to 5 tons carrying a payload of 2 tons can't be regarded as stiff anymore. By introducing real time calculation of static deflections into our simulation system KISMET one is able to to verify and simulate each step of a robot program during off-line teaching with the demanded accuracy. In the monitoring mode it helps to increase the accuracy of the simulated position of the robot with respect to the actual position.

Static Deflection (JPEG 98 kB)

Picture above shows the scaled deflection of the EDITH -boom. The wireframe model shows the position without calculation of static deflection while the Gourad shaded model shows the deflected position.


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