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Force Feedback II

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Due to features like high quality real time graphics and soft tissue simulation the software system KISMET (Kinematic Simulation, Monitoring and Off-Line Programming Environment for Telerobotics) is a very suitable system for medical applications like surgical instrument design supprt, operator console design, surgical animation, surgical planning, endoscopic training and real-time volume data visualisation. A great effort has been made in achieving a highly realistic imitation of soft tissues, organs and vessels leading to a system of so called deformable objects. The realistic simulation of interaction between deformable objects and instruments in real time is possible. Typical surgical tasks like grasping, cutting, coagulation and setting of clips have been implemented.


We have introduced algorithms and interfaces to our Virtual Rality system KISMET to provide force feedback especially needed for surgical simulators such as the Karlsruhe Endoscopic Surgery Trainer. Information about our special designed Haptic interface to enhance our training system can be found here (Force Feedback for the Karlsruhe Endoscopic Surgery Trainer).


Connecting PHANToM and KISMET

For other medical applications we use the PHANToM Haptic Interface from SensAble Technologies, Inc. which has been connected to our system enabling the user to feel the sensation of interaction between virtual instruments and soft tissue or rigid bodies.

Example 1: Virtual Biopsy

Currently we are developing a haptic interaction method for exploring volume datasets which combines volume rendering and force feedback. The picture on the left shows a KISMET simulation combining a CAD-type model of a needle insertion manipulator for stereotactic neurosurgery, a CAD-type model of the patients head and a MR-data set. (Click on the image to get a full screen view!).

By controlling the first 5 degrees of freedom the manipualtor (X-, Y- and Z-axis for positioning; latitude angle and rotation angle for orientation) the user puts the tip of the needle to a desired position/orientation.

By controlling the insertion of the virtual needle using the PHANToM the user feels the haptic sensation of the virtual biopsy.

More information about KISMET's capabilities on the field of fast and accurate Volume Visualization can be found at "The KISMET Volume Visualization Page".

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