KISMET Applications in Remote Handling


Design and implementation of a computer aided telerobotics system for fusion plant maintenance and repair, using the 3D-CAD model based realtime monitoring, simulation and off-line programming system KISMET.

KISMET has proved its capabilities in remote handling (RH) simulation in a number of research and development activities at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe and with external partners since 1986.

Specific KISMET features are:

Application Images

JET Ex-Vessel Model (762x576 jpg, 94k)
The KISMET model of Joint European Tokamak (JET) fusion reactor hall together with the Telescopic Articulated Mast (TARM) remote handling manipulator (left side of the image, attached to the 150to crane).
To optimise graphics performance versus detail during simulation, this model was created using 4 levels of detail, using the KISMET feature of multiple detail-level modelling.

KISMET model of the Next European Tokamak (NET) fusion reactor together with the EDITH-transporter system and divertor handling unit.

EDITH with Mock-Up (762x576 jpg, 45k)
KISMET model of the EDITH transporter system for fusion reactor In-Vessel maintenance rendered as a raycasting image. EDITH is displayed together with a mock-up segment of the fusion plasma chamber as build in the test facility at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe.

EDITH with simulated camera view (762x576 jpg, 95k)

  • Simulated motion cycle (762x576 gif, 73k)
    The image shows a simulated motion cycle of 2 PTP ramps. During simulation, KISMET can optionally store the kinematic and/or MBS-dynamics parameters as time-series. These data are displayed here in the KISMET 'diagram-module'.

  • Elastostatic deflection (1045x285 jpg, 41k)
    To enhance the accuracy of the simulation, KISMET can calculate deflection and bending of MBS structures due to load and external forces in realtime, using an elastostatic approach. The image shows an scaled view of the deflected structure together with an overlay of the undeflected state.

  • Display of forces and torques (990x378 jpg, 40k)
    Again to achieve high realism during motion simulation, KISMET can optionally calculate in realtime the MBS dynamics using a fast Newton-Euler method approach. We have both, the direct (force/torque demand from operator as input, motion as output) and the inverse dynamics problem (motion as input, force/torque in the robot joints as output) solutions implemented.
    The image shows the output of the inverse dynamics problem. Forces (red) and torques (green) are optionally displayed as arrows.

    Pipe removal in a hot cell (762x576 jpg, 46k)

    CATROB test facility (762x576 jpg, 45k)

    Two images from the EEC-Teleman INGRID project. The workcell is located in the reprocessing plant Sellafield/UK.

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