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Uwe G. Kühnapfel has been a scientist at Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe since 1985. He worked between 1986-88 under a delegation contract at the fusion energy research project "Joint European Tokamak" (JET) in Abingdon/England. He is responsible at the Institut für Angewandte Informatik for the development of the KISMET software package and its applications in various fields, like remote handling, space applications, manufacturing simulation and medicine.

He gratuated with the "Diplom-Ingenieur" degree from the University Stuttgart in 1985, and received the "Doktor-Ingenieur" degree from the University Karlsruhe in 1991.

Major research areas: realtime computer graphics, robot programming, CAD- and VR-technology, VR in medicine, product data-exchange, simulation

List of publications

About my hobby: Flying in Linkenheim (Pages in German)
During the weekends I spend a lot of time (my wife Martina thinks "too much time", although my daughter Jeannette likes the the place) on the Linkenheim airfield (EDRI) or (preferably) in the air (German PPL-A/B/C). Especially I am a great fan of soaring and glider aerobatics and part owner of a SWIFT-S1 (HB-3114) aerobatics glider.

KISMET V 6.0.3 Executables (OpenGL):

KISMET User Interface (for IRIX 5.3,6.2,6.3,6.4,6.5):

kismet (kismet.ogl.gz, 107k) (Update: 22-07-1999)requires KISMET license !

KISMET kernel for IRIX 5.3 (Requires Patch 1826: OpenGL Rollup) :

kismet_kern (kismet_kern.ogl.o32.gz, 728k) (Update: 22-07-1999) requires KISMET license !

KISMET kernel for IRIX 6.2,6.3,6.4,6.5 :

kismet_kern (kismet_kern.ogl.o32.gz, 728k) (Update: 22-07-1999) requires KISMET license !

N32-Executable (for R4400, R10000, R12000 processors):
kismet_kern (kismet_kern.ogl.n32.gz, 776k) (Update: 22-07-1998) requires KISMET license !

Inventor to KISMET data convertor :

IvToKis (IvToKis.gz, 51k) Inventor to KISMET data convertor (Update: 08-07-1999)

How to install the new version

1. Download und decompress (gunzip) the new versions

2. Copy your current versions (IrisGL) of kismet and kismet_kern for safety reasons:-)
- cd /usr/local/kismet/bin
- cp kismet kismet.igl
- cp kismet_kern kismet_kern.igl

3. Copy the new (OpenGL) Version 6.0.1 modules to /usr/local/kismet/bin
- cp kismet.ogl /usr/local/kismet/bin
- cp kismet_kern.ogl.n32 /usr/local/kismet/bin
- cd /usr/local/kismet/bin
- chmod 755 kismet.ogl
- chmod 755 kismet_kern.ogl.n32

4. Link the new modules
- ln -s kismet.ogl kismet
- ln -s kismet_kern.ogl.n32 kismet_kern

5. Voila, that's it. Start the Software
- setenv kis_home 'your_simulation_models_path'
- kismet

KISMET V 6.0.3 User Manual:

Manual Part 1 (UserMan_p1.pdf 198k)
Manual Part 2 (UserMan_p2.pdf 274k)
Manual Part 3 (UserMan_p3.pdf 372k)
Manual Part 4 (UserMan_p4.pdf 143k)
KISMET Script Manual (Kismet_Script_Manual.pdf 105k)

For reading the KISMET User Manual pages in pdf format, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader (acroread) software. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you need to download Acroread before viewing a .pdf file. To download the Acroread freeware use the link(s) below.

   Goto Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Page (US server)
   Goto Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Page (GERMAN server)

Even more KISMET dokumentation for download:

Step by Step Guide (StepByStep.pdf 87k)
A short (very short) Tutorial for novice users. Explains how to create your first little model in KISMET.

KISMET MBS-Dynamics Guide (MBSdynman.pdf 297k)
This Guide is a "Tutorial, User Guide and Reference Manual for KISMET Multibody-Systems Dynamics Modeling and Realtime-Simulation" in one piece.

Contact information:

Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH
Institut für Angewandte Informatik
Postfach 3640
76021 Karlsruhe

Gebäude 445, Raum 116
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