What is

Minimally Invasive Surgery ?

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS, in german: MIC) is a new kind of surgery which gets more and more common nowadays. Another well-known expression is 'endoscopic surgery'. With this method, a surgical operation is performed by the help of:

through natural body openings or small artificial incisions ('keyhole surgery').

In comparison to the usual, open surgery, there exist several advantages for the patient:

On the other hand, there exist some important disadvantages for the surgeon, too:

Typical instrument arrangement for the cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal). This is the most frequently done minimally-invasive operation. The endoscopic camera is put in the abdoman through the navel, the instruments through small incisions with approximately 5-15 mm diameter. In the upper left corner, the endoscopic view is displayed.

Endoscopic procedures in the human abdoman are also called 'laparoscopy'. The cholecystectomy is used as prototypic application for our demonstrator.

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